Asmar & Assayag is a law firm specializing in business law and is the partner of a wide range of businesses and individuals, assisting them as advisor.

On the judicial level, Asmar & Assayag provides assistance, representation, defense and advocacy before domestic and European courts.

Since its creation, Asmar & Assayag has been continuously developing. Set up to work in business law in general, the law firm is today organized around four main departments: company and corporate, intellectual property, labor and employment, and economic law.

Our clients, composed of businesses and renowned French and foreign groups, include in particular listed companies, investment funds, financial institutions and investment banks, film and television production companies together with artist agency companies and artists.

Since its creation, Asmar & Assayag has been devoting an increasing part of its activity to international operations. Thus, our law firm has concluded a correspondence agreement with the US law firm Bisom & Cohen LLP and thus has offices in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Irvine and Riverside.